The Stryker hip replacement recall in 2016 has impacted many recipients of the controversial device that was proven in several instances to corrode and release metal ions into the bodies of the patients who were given the implants. The damage was so extensive nationwide that the company manufacturing the product established a standard settlement process for all patients. Over $4 billion dollars have been awarded in settlements since the Stryker hip recall, but negotiating a settlement is best done by a Stryker hip replacement lawsuit lawyer via a Stryker hip lawsuit. There have actually been new Stryker hip lawsuit cases filed in the past year over a newer product that will result in many new damage claims.

Hip Replacement Lawsuit Process

While the typical problems experienced with a defective hip implant are similar, each case is evaluated based on the evidence presented by a Strykery hip attorney. The release of cobalt into the body impacts people differently, as it is actually a standard component of human physical makeup. However, problems begin when the concentration gets too high. In addition, the amount of pain-and-suffering associated with the defective product ranges from claimant to claimant as well, making a Stryker hip settlement more valuable for some than others. It is important for a Stryker hip lawyer to have as much medical evidence as possible in addition to the testimony from the client regarding living and mobility difficulties. The pain-and-suffering component of a Stryker hip settlement is commonly what maximizes the claim for a significant damage level, and each case is unique in some aspect.

Why You Need an Experienced Stryker Hip Replacement Lawsuit Lawyer

While there is a standard process for filing a Stryker hip lawsuit, it is still incumbent on the claimant to prove they received a hip replacement and that there is some level of damage. Proving negligence is not necessary. However, with an attorney who is focused primarily on handling Stryker hip replacement recall claims, even a moderate claim could result in a significant hip replacement settlement. Many times further surgery could result in additional problems as well, and damages must include long-term impact for full value. This can only be done effectively by legal counsel who has processed previous cases and understands how to set a value on pain-and-suffering.

Contact Hip Replacement Lawsuit Attorneys Today

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