It can be difficult to know if you are due compensation because of a faulty medical device. For example, you might have heard about the Stryker hip replacement recall and wondered: “What are signs of a failed hip implant?”

Hip replacement recall – Stiffness & Immobility

There has been more than $2.5 billion paid in compensation to victims of defective hip implants. Of course, hip replacement implants are supposed to improve your mobility. Therefore, key “red flags” of a failed hip implant are stiffness, immobility and lack of flexibility. Do you hear a grinding, popping or squeaking noise when you move? If these symptoms persist, then you should contact your doctor. Mention the Stryker hip replacement recall and ask if this is the cause.

Hip replacement recall – Trouble Walking

Your doctor can take x-rays of your hip cavity to see if everything is normal. What he should look for is a fractured bone, loose Stryker hip implant or metallosis. The defective hip implant has been reported to cause tiny metallic shavings to enter your body cavity, joint tissue and bloodstream (which is called metallosis). The FDA has reported that some victims have experienced skin rashes, leg swelling, depression, memory loss or hearing problems due to metal poisoning. You might have a diminished range of motion in your hip, leg or thigh. Eventually, you might not even be able to put weight on your joint. You should contact a Stryker hip attorney, if you think the defective hip implant is to blame. You did nothing wrong and under product liability law, the medical device manufacturer is liable for your medical bills. You might need to undergo revision surgery, which the manufacturer will pay for.

Hip replacement recall – Pain & Suffering

You can also be compensated for pain and suffering during a Stryker hip replacement recall settlement. The best South Florida Stryker hip recall attorney can look at your situation and tell you, if you have a case. A Stryker hip lawyer can negotiate on your behalf. If you have been a victim of a failed hip implant, then give us a call at 305-479-2299. We, at Shamis & Gentile P.A. have been closely following the developments surrounding the hip replacement recall. We won’t rest until you have justice. Whether it is a Stryker hip replacement recall settlement or Stryker hip lawsuit, we are on your side and committed to providing you with justice.