More and more people are undergoing orthopedic surgeries to replace knees or hips. Have you heard about the thousands of lawsuits filed against major hip implant manufacturers? Know your rights with respect to the Stryker hip replacement recall.

Stryker Hip Replacement Recall Dangers

Medical devices that do not perform as specified could be faulty in terms of their design or construction. Studies have documented that some hip replacement products have not performed properly, including the Stryker Rejuvenate and Stryker Accolade. Individuals receive hip replacements for a number of reasons, including the need for increased mobility. Unfortunately, when these Stryker hip products fail, you could become immobile and/or injured. A Stryker hip replacement recall lawsuit could involve the following injuries: fractured implants, heavy metal poisoning from metal corrosion, bone chipping and infection. Of course, it can be difficult to detail all of these problems, so you might want to get a doctor’s diagnosis. If you have been suffering from any maladies after your hip implant surgery, then the Stryker hip implant might be the culprit.

Know Your Stryker Hip Replacement Recall Rights

You have a busy life. We understand that. You might not be able to stay on top of the latest developments. That is why you might want to hire a Stryker hip lawyer. Our Miami Stryker hip lawyers have stayed abreast of the latest developments. We know what to expect from the Stryker hip replacement recall. We can assemble the medical witnesses who can prove that a hip implant product was faulty. We can also assist with any Stryker hip settlement. Past lawsuits have established certain facts and precedents with respect to the Stryker hip replacement recall. We can identify if you have a case and can expect some financial compensation for pain and suffering. Make sure that you record any problems you have had with your hip implant.

Get Legal Relief for your Stryker Hip Replacement Recall

We, at Shamis & Gentile P.A. are committed to helping you during any medical device recall. We can help you get the fair compensation and positive resolution during this difficult time. We know that the process can be confusing, but that is why we are available. There are NO fees unless a recovery is obtained. So, call today for a free consultation at 305-479-2299. You can also request a free case review online. Don’t live in pain due to any medical device design failure – you deserve to live pain free.